Top Veggie Samurai Tips

Top Veggie Samurai Tips

Top Veggie Samurai Tips

Top Veggie Samurai Tips

Top Veggie Samurai Tips

Top Veggie Samurai Tips.

Veggie Samurai Overview

Veggie Samurai is an iPhone app that offers virtually identical sort of game as Fruit Ninja. Its an openfeint game where players are able to read the most effective player’s high score on weekly/daily or monthly basis. the sport structure and its objective is to chop all of the vegetables thrown out within the screen. simply by slashing the screen together with your finger can trigger the cut. When several veggies are sliced quickly, a combo can seem. The a lot of combo you are doing, the a lot of score you get. Overall it a reasonably addictive game to beat your friends score.

Veggie Samurai Game Modes

There is a samurai and harmony mode that bear quite a resemblance with classic and zen mode. Samurai mode provides you 3 vegetables drop before you lose, however one bit of a poison jar, and it’s game over. Harmony mode provides you 2 minutes to attain the maximum amount as doable.

The game is all concerning combos of cut multiple fruits with one stroke. you'll be able to cut every vegetable in four, so in half, and then every. OpenFeint is included for on-line high score and achievements.

The benefits of Veggie Samurai

If you wish Fruit Ninja you’ll positively like Veggie Samurai. It provides you identical gameplay mechanic, however will increase the action. In Fruit Ninja you'll be able to solely slice every fruit once, however in Veggie Samurai you've got the choice to slice the halves an extra time.

You need to a minimum of slice each vegetable, however will opt to take the danger to do to essentially dice up those vegetables. there's tons a lot of action on screen, and lots of a lot of points to attain with a lot of slices to create. It’s perpetually a continuing slicing on screen, and many of juice smacking the rear wall.

There are a lot of varieties of combos offered as well as consecutive vegetables diced, and multi dice on high of the multi slice. the sport acknowledges 5 fingers that very makes a distinction when you’re making an attempt to slice numerous vegetable bits to dice them up some a lot of. It’s very a full new expertise with slicing squared in Veggie Samurai. It’s nice chopping multiple times with multiple fingers whether or not you’re on the iphone or iPad. you'll be able to do a lot of on the iPad version with vegetables within the air for extended, however it’s easier to swipe multiple times on the smaller iPhone, however each are fun in their own right.

Veggie Samurai edge:

The leading Veggie Samurai edge

In harmony mode, strive doing special combos which will increase your points. particularly the dice chains!

10 dice chains can provide you with twenty five points

20 dice chains can provide you with a hundred points

30 dice chains can provide you with 225 points

40 dice chains can provide you with forty0 points

1 Mega Onion

4 Dice combo as well as an Onion.
1 Mega Carrot

I am undecided on this one however i do know it's one thing to try to to with terribly massive dice combos before seeing it.
1 Mega Pepper

To get the mega pepper you've got to chop a minimum of four veggies in one slash with one in every of the veggies being a pepper.
1 Mega Potato

There’s conjointly a mega potato, to induce that you just ought to cut and dice a pair of potatoes utterly in one go.