Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Pastry Scraps

Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Pastry Scraps

Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Pastry Scraps

Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Pastry Scraps

Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Pastry Scraps

Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Pastry Scraps. This is the nice recipe I used to try to to using roasted garlic mentioned in my previous post - a way to Roast Garlic. like several of my “recipes” this is often very simply a group of pointers

Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Pastry Scraps

3 nests of tagliatelle
1-2 cloves roasted garlic or two tsp of mushed up roasted garlic + a generous tbsp of its oil (see previous post)
a handful of coarsely chopped walnuts
approx 60g blue cheese
black pepper
chopped parsley

~   Pop the walnuts into a hot oven for some minutes until some degrees darker and smelling fragrant.
~   Cook the pasta in keeping with directions on the packet and drain however reserve some tbsp of the cooking water.
~   Gently heat the roasted garlic and its oil mashing them along then stir within the walnuts and therefore the pasta.
~   Grate within the blue cheese and add a splash of the pasta cooking water.
~   Stir along over medium heat and what ought to happen is than the cheese melts into the pasta water and that they emulsify with the garlicky oil to create a coating sauce.  Happens on behalf of me each time!
~ style and season employing a good bit of black pepper, stir in chopped parsley and eat.

Here’s a handy hint during this respect …frozen blue cheese is way easier to grate when adding to and sprinkling over dishes. clearly I favor to eat my cheese at area temperature however continually keep to a small degree blue frozen for simply such wants

For my real men I created turkey and leek pies using, I admit it, bought in frozen puff pastry.  I solely had some scraps of pastry left however as you recognize i might rather get fat than throw something away therefore I created two cheese straws that I ate with my pasta and three very little recent cherry pasties, (I had some leftover cherries within the fridge) that we tend to ate heat with clotted cream.

Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Pastry Scraps Steps:

1.      Turnovers as I simply did – roll the pastry out thinly, cut into circles and place a spoonful of one thing (I used some cherries tossed with caster sugar (and small little bit of brandy),  Brush the perimeters of the pastry disk with one thing wet (water, milk, cream, crushed egg or the rest you fancy!).  Fold in [*fr1] enclosing the filling and press the perimeters along.  Place on a gently greased baking tray, brush the highest with milk or cream and sprinkle with sugar.  Using the tip of a pointy knife prod to a small degree hole within the high of every turnover to permit steam to flee.  Bake in a very medium hot oven until crisp and golden.

2.      Palmiers – roll the assembled pastry into a rough rectangle, it are often a raggedy one.  Scatter one thing delicious over the surface – smart combos would be Cheddar and Chilli, Pecans & Maple Sugar, Ham and Cheese, Dried Fruit & Brown Sugar, no matter You’ve Got.  Roll up the pastry from one lodge edge, moisten the way edge and seal the roll.  EITHER place sealed facet down on a greased baking sheet, glaze and sprinkle the highest as acceptable, bake until crisp and golden and then slice into pinwheels OR slice before baking, lay cut facet up on the baking tray and cook like that.  The second possibility is nice when using cheese because it goes all melty and yum.

3.      Marmite Nibbles – unfold the rolled out pastry with to a small degree Marmite (it spreads easier if you hotter it a little), fold in [*fr1] an reroll to surround the Marmite.  Cut into very little shapes and bake until crisp and golden.  These aren't solely delicious however you'll additionally scare Americans with them!

4.      Anchovy Bites-  these are a lot of identical as higher than however using anchovy paste (either Patum Peperium aka Gentleman's Relish or mash an anchovy or 2 into some soft butter).  Continue as higher than.  These are significantly beguiling cut into fishy shapes.

5. very little Tomato Tarts – cut the pastry into circles (or go wild and do squares) and lay them on the greased baking sheet. high every with a slice of tomato or some cherry tomatoes, to a small degree recent basil and a few grated cheese.  Bake until the bottom is crisp and therefore the cheese melted and effervescent. in fact you may use different toppings – a slice of goat cheese and a teaspoon of cranberry sauce is nice.

6.      Rustic Tarts – like the small tomato tarts higher than however leave a unadorned edge around your chosen filling and fold this over the filling to border it.  Brush with crushed egg and bake until crisp and golden.  Mushrooms sautéed with to a small degree garlic are smart during this however therefore are countless different things.

7.      Mini Napoleons  – cut the rolled out pastry into equal very little squares or rectangles and lay to a small degree apart on the greased baking sheet. high with another same sized baking sheet that has butter on its bottom (!) and bake until they're crisp.  The second tray stops them effervescent or curling.  Layer up with one thing lush – mushrooms in a very cream and brandy sauce or occasional ice cream with chocolate sauce.

8.      Baby Tatins – use to a small degree muffin tray for these. place a spoonful of your chosen filling (which then becomes a topping) into every of the muffin um … hollows? high every with a circle of pastry tucking it in at the perimeters and bake until crisp.   Cool to a small degree and then end up rigorously.  Apple is that the ancient Tatin topping however roasted tomatoes, caramelised shallots etc. are smart too.  Nothing too wet or runny.

9.      Cooks Treat – simply toss the trimmings with to a small degree sugar and powdered cinnamon and bake until crisp. build a cup of occasional and have yourself a sit down.

10.  Crunchy Topping – using identical principal as higher than however additional sophisticatedly (is that a word?) roll the scraps out and cut into random or not random (ie. leaves) shapes, toss with sugar and cinnamon and scatter over the highest of a dish of cooked apples (or whatever).  Bake until hot and crisp.

11.  BORING – simply save all of your bits of pastry within the freezer until you've got enough to form one thing huge.