Example of a Vegan Diet With Sample Vegan Diet Menu Plan

Example of a Vegan Diet With Sample Vegan Diet Menu Plan

Example of a Vegan Diet With Sample Vegan Diet Menu Plan

Example of a Vegan Diet With Sample Vegan Diet Menu Plan

Today, vegetarian has been a lifestyle for some people. In order to implement a healthy diet, they began to leave food of animal products and eat only vegetable products. However, on the other hand some people think somehow more animal products remains important because it is a complete protein source that is not owned by the vegetable group. In the other side, each person must have longed for an ideal body shape. For those of you who want to reduce levels of excess fat in your body, surely it requires setting a good diet, exercise discipline and regular, adequate rest and proper selection of supplements. But what if you are a vegetarian?

To conducted a vegetarian diet what will you need to know is example of a vegan diet. Why? yeah it's simple, if you want something but don't know what will you do it just do something un usefull.

Ok, so today for you guys that want to know the example of a vegan diet, here is the example of a vegan diet:

Befor we start and disscuss more futher, here is things you must consider first before start your vegan diet program:

In a vegetarian diet program, you need to consider four important points:

1. Eat Well, it means eating 5-6x a day with a menu of high-protein, low carbohydrate and low in fat as well as meet all nutritional needs including vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, iron and vitamin B 12. The goal is to increase metabolism and sharpen our muscle mass.

2. Patterns and Regular Exercise of Discipline, which means training in a week flat menu to all parts of our muscles. For example we want to shape your abdominal muscles but will still need to exercise the legs. In addition, try to always put the big muscles (chest, back, shoulders, legs) new small muscles (arm, abdomen and calf) when trained in a session.

3. Get plenty of rest pattern, meaning that we are damaging the muscle in training sessions and break repair our muscles become bigger and stronger. So the quality and quantity of rest can be a real help us achieve our goals.

4. Supplements the right pattern, meaning that we must choose the type of supplements that will help your diet program.

Here is an example of vegetarian/vegan diet:


3 tablespoons oatmeal / 2 slices whole wheat bread
Daily Complete Formula 1 point
1 scoop Prostar whey / Cool Iso / Iso Sensa 93 / Soy Protein

Morning Snack

1 apple / orange / pear / grape
2 slices whole wheat bread
1-2 tablespoons peanut butter
2 eggs Ultra Ripped Fast Acting Formula

100 grams tempeh / out
1 hard-boiled eggs
50 grams of brown rice (position not yet ripe)
200 grams of vegetables
1 point Daily Complete Formula

Afternoon Snack

1 slice whole wheat bread / 3 tablespoons of oatmeal
2 slices low-fat cheese / yogurt 1 cup low-fat and sugar
1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter / 2-3 tablespoons of boiled green beans

Before Exercise

1 banana / 3 tablespoons of oatmeal
2 eggs Ultra Ripped Fast Acting Formula + L-Carnitine
2 eggs Kre-Alkalyn / 4 grain Beta K
After Exercise

1 scoop Prostar Prostar Whey / Cool Iso / Iso Sensa 93


100 grams tempeh / out
200 grams of vegetables

Before Sleep

1 scoop Prostar whey / Cool Iso / Iso Sensa 93 / Soy Protein

Important Note:

- Examples of diet above is a sample menu for Lacto-ovo vegetarians. And for vegan, the menu of eggs, cheese or yogurt can be replaced with other plant foods, such as beans (green beans, red beans, dry beans such as almod, and so on), Soy Protein, peanut butter, tempeh, tofu and other.

- The ideal diet is low in fat, low carbohydrate and high protein. Fatty foods are fried, foods that have simple carbohydrates are white rice, white bread, sugar, cakes, ice cream and biscuits, which can be consumed while carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread. Increase consumption of foods containing protein such as tofu, tempeh, soy and nuts, and fish, eggs, milk and other dairy, also contain calcium such as spinach, soybean and processed products, broccoli, almonds, carrots, and milk and their processed products, also increase iron-rich foods, such as tofu, beans, spinach, soy, beans, etc.

- Processing may be cooked with boiled, baked, or roasted origin is not fried in oil, using fat-laden condiments or use sugar. Salt is allowed, but in very small amounts (salt diet is recommended).

- The portion of the menu above can be customized to your body size.

- Time to consume the menu above is not binding, can be adjusted for a workout in the morning. The important thing is try to eat 5-6x a day in small portions.

Example of a Vegan Diet With Sample Vegan Diet Menu Plan
Example of a Vegan Diet With Sample Vegan Diet Menu Plan