Health Benefits of Apple - Health Benefits of Apples - Apples Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Apple - Health Benefits of Apples - Apples Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Apple - Health Benefits of Apples - Apples Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Apple - Health Benefits of Apples - Apples Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Apple

Apple, who are not familiar with this fruit, which has a delicious and tasty also a great demand with a lots of the healthy contents. This fruit is readily available for sale at various places selling fruit. Apple more popular because they are special, based on research, apples are one of the fruit that can be made as anti-oxidants for our body and also has many beneficial nutrients for the body, so today we will discuss more about Health Benefits of Apple, apple health benefits, health benefits of apples, apples health benefits.

Apple contains many vitamins , minerals and other elements such as fitokimian , fiber , tannins , baron , tamarind tartar , and more. This is a very important and needed substances for our body to prevent and cope with various diseases. To learn more, will be discussed about what is contained in apples? And what are the benefits of apples?

Benefits of apples for the body:
1. Able to regenerate cells / delay the aging process
2. Improve muscle - the muscle digestion in drainage
3. Able to stabilize blood sugar
4. Able to absorb the excess liquid and clean the toxins in the gut
5. Able to cure chronic heart disease
6. Lowers cholesterol and raise HDL
7. Able to fight rheumatoid arthritis (arthritis)
8. Able to control and prevent obesity / obesity / overweight
9. Cure and prevent diarrhea
10. Cure constipation
11. Lowers blood pressure
12. As anti-cancer drug
13. Relieve diarrhea
14. For Digestion and reduce weight
15. Cider can fend off the virus infection
16. Help treat asthma
17. Prevent damage to teeth and gum disease
18. Strengthens the kidneys
19. Reduce blood pressure
20. To fight arthritis

Nutrients that contained in the apple:
- Rich in vitamins
Apples rich in vitamin content. Some vitamins are found in apples such as vitamin A, vitamin B 1 , vitamin B 2 , vitamin B 3 , vitamin B 5 , vitamin B 6 , vitamin B 9 , vitamin C .

- Rich mineral
Apples contain many minerals. Minerals in apples, among others calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc.

- Phytochemicals
Apples also contain phytochemicals . Phytochemicals are antioxidants to fight free radicals come from pollution or the surroundings. This substance also serves to suppress the amount of cholesterol (LDL) that can cause blockage of blood vessels.

- Fiber-rich
Apple is rich in fiber , so good for those who are in the diet. This is because high fiber to prevent hunger comes more quickly.

- Fiber to reduce fat and cholesterol
Apples contain useful fiber bind fat and cholesterol in the body for further disposal.

- Tannin
Apple also contains tannins . Tannin is a substance that works to clean and freshen the mouth, so as to prevent damage to teeth and gum disease.

- Baron
In the apples are barons . What is the baron? Baron works to defend the amount of estrogen in the body of a woman.

- Flavoid
One of the good apples content to prevent disease is Flavoid . Flavoid is a substance that functions reduce cancer risk.

- D-glucaric acid
What is D-glucaric acid is? D-glucaric acid is a substance that can lower cholesterol. D-glucaric acid is also found in apples.

- Quercetin
Quercetin is a substance that is needed to increase levels of antioxidants that the body was healthy and prevent various diseases. Apples contain quercetin.

- Tamarind tartar
In an apple is also contain a sour tartar . Tamarind tartar that can make healthy intestinal tract, because this substance can kill bacteria in the digestive tract.

Tips for pick and choosing the best quality apples:
1. Choose apples that are still hard, do not select a soggy
2. Apple has a bright color (not white) and looks fresh
3. Round shape with no holes or wrinkles on the skin